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Volunteer on the MG5K Committee

Email the founder, Uchenna Jones, if you are interested in joining the committee to help plan for the race.

Nominate Someone for the MG5K Board of Directors

Nominations for MG5K Board of Directors may be submitted at any time. Nominations submitted after the close of each cycle will be saved for the following year’s cycle and the nominees contacted at that time.

The Madison Gospel 5K (MG5K)Foundation’s mission is to unite the Madison community in exercising our faith, fellowship and building a healthier city through the promotion of healthy lifestyles in all its aspects.

TheMG5K Foundation is seeking association professionals to fill open positions on the MG5K Board of Directors to lead the Foundation in fulfilling its mission and purpose.

We strongly encourage colleagues to either apply themselves or nominate a fellow professional to serve. We especially seek nominations of and applications from members who demonstrate and represent leadership in the profession, the ability to think strategically, and dedication to the mission and vision of MG5K. Specific responsibilities include oversight of MG5K’s strategic direction and fiduciary responsibility.

A very important process to follow: If you are nominating another professional, please check with the person to ensure that she or he is willing to run. MG5K values and seeks leadership representing diversity in features such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, geographic location, and type of professional experience.

MG5K has identified a number of desired attributes that are included in the selection process for potential new Board members. Applicants should possess:

  • Demonstrated leadership commitment and involvement with MG5K and/or the nonprofit community.
    Examples include but are not limited to service on MG5K committees, leadership and/or volunteer service.
  • Demonstrated ability to think innovatively and entrepreneurially, and to engage with a future-oriented
    focus and assess and community resources.
  • Demonstrated positive leadership attributes that include emotional intelligence and the ability to work
    collaboratively and professionally.
  • Demonstrated relevant expertise in organizational management. Examples include but are not limited to
    finance, fundraising, grant writing and/or marketing.
  • Availability and commitment to participate in regular Board meetings and semiregular special meetings of
    the Board each year.
  • Availability to attend and participate in MG5K’s annual 5K Run/Walk.

Thank you in advance for taking an active role in this year's nomination process. A dedicated, competent, and skillful Board of Directors ensures the future success of MG5K in creating healthier families, one individual at a time.


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    Vendor Inquiries

    Are you a company or an organization that is interested in improving the health, wellness and self-care of the Madison community? If the answer is yes, and you would like an opportunity to share with others how they can benefit please sign up here. If you are a new vendor, the cost is $200. However, if you have participated in prior Madison Gospel 5K events the cost is $100.

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      We are honored and excited to be hosting our 5th Annual Madison Gospel 5K Run/Walk & Health Fair. Through the years we have hopefully come to be one of those spaces and places where everyone can celebrate the richness and diversity of our Madison community. We all in some way are racing towards a better future while building ...

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